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Hats have been around a long time. They’ve been around a very long time! They were frequently worn in ancient Egypt. This goes back to around 3200 BC.

You don’t have to be Egyptian — or ancient — to enjoy a good head covering. As a matter of fact, 74% of Americans wear hats at one time or another.

Panamas are a popular choice—particularly in the summer and wide-brim ladies hats can still add spice to your life. But the most popular choice by far is the baseball cap. Most hat wearers sport a brimmed hat for one reason or another so take a look at our extensive collection. You’ll find lots of modern branding opportunities. Nothing “old hat” here.


Surveyed individuals
who say they wear a hat
at least once per week.


of men wear
their promo hat weekly


of hat wearers
say they wear
baseball caps regularly.